“As long as you reach for it,
You can dream on it,
Everywhere, it's there.”

“Reach” by Caleigh Peters, “Ice Princess” soundtrack

I used to stand on my picnic table in my backyard, sing “Reach” with musical accompaniment from my blue iPod shuffle, and pretend I was a famous rock star. “Ice Princess” was always one of my favorite movies as a child because I took figure skating lessons for seven years. Still to this day, before a big presentation, interview, or exhibition, I listen to this song to inspire and encourage me.

Art. Books. Coffee. Photographs. Words. These five words are the list to my life. I’m a visual and performing artist, an avid reader, a caffeine lover, a lifestyle photographer, and a serendipitous writer. In order to combine all of these fascinations into one neat package, I created Strikes of Luck, a personal blog dedicated to the exploration of serendipity. Expecting the unexpected, being open to new adventures, and expressing my love of writing, photography, and social media- these are all aspects of Strikes of Luck that guide my daily life.


Photo credit to Luke Cleland of Cleland Studios.