Return to Roots

Return to Roots

The travel to tartan begins! What a whirlwind of a year in 2018... from Artisphere and photography to URJ 6 Points Creative Arts Academy and now...

To the University of Edinburgh! I am ecstatic to announce that I am pursuing a degree through the University of Edinburgh Business School in Entrepreneurship & Innovation starting this September. 

Photo shoot credits:

Photography: Emily Campbell of Some Pretty Thing

Custom map: Reagan and Christopher Burress of Local Stature

Mural: "The Village Harvest" by Sunny Mullarkey McGowan and Elizabeth Kinney at The Anchorage Restaurant


This truly is a full circle for Strikes of Luck since I started blogging in late December of 2015, right before my first trip to Edinburgh. I cannot wait to revisit the coffee and culture of the Scottish capital and to learn and absorb all that I can in an entrepreneur-focused community. 

Cheers to another trip across the pond, and I can't wait for this next chapter in the journey of Strikes of Luck!

Lucky Strike of the Day: I loved my last weekend in Greenville, from the Greenville Drive game to Tandem to the Hampton Station Sunday Brunch Market. One of my favorite places to savor a latte has a new space at Hampton Station: Due South Coffee

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