Snapshots of Luck

Snapshots of Luck

I'm thankful for weeks that include pondering and wandering. This past (almost) year since graduation has been a daily exercise in serendipity and definitely expecting the unexpected. Consistently appreciating my creative chats and my coffee shops for providing the focus and fun that I needed to keep exploring.

Whether or not you're a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly reflective person, there are those milestones that encourage and prompt you to take a step back, talk or write, and then move forward with vigor. Those daily lucky strikes, those serendipitous moments are the times in which I realize and reflect. 

Recently, these moments have presented themselves in the form of photography, of capturing the moments in other people's lives as well as in my own. Here are a few I'd like to share with you:


Who: Lauren, Furman University senior
Where: Furman University

Who: Lindsey, owner of The Village Grind
Where: Falls Park in downtown Greenville

Who: Reagan, co-owner of Local Stature
Where: Barista Alley

Who: Amie
Where: Brown Street, The Anchorage mural, Anthropologie wall

Who: Emily, owner of Great Glen Vintage
Where: The Thornblade Club

Who: Jessica, owner of Jessica Reynolds Art
Where: Wyche Pavilion

Who: Elizabeth, co-creator of The Anchorage mural
Where: The Anchorage mural in The Village of West Greenville

Who: Meredith, owner at Meredith Piper Art
Where: Statice Floral Flowerfaire, Wyche Pavilion

Who: Benjamin
Where: The Village of West Greenville

Who: Jordan, Furman University junior
Where: Furman University Bell Tower

Who: Ellen
Where: Due South Coffee, Brown Street, The Anchorage mural

Who: Shana, blogger at Handstand Happiness
Where: The Anchorage mural, The Village Grind, MADabolic

Who: Amanda, blogger at My Brown Brigade
Where: Methodical Coffee, Anthropologie wall, Orvis windows

Who: Amanda and Shana, blogger collaboration
Where: ONE City Plaza

Who: Barbra Streisand, cat at @yeahthatbarbrastreisand
Where: Hampton Station, M. Judson Books

Thanks always for following along on my journey!

If you'd like to book a photo shoot, DM or email me at

Lucky Strike of the Day: My new obsession is the Summer Lemon tea at Caviar & Bananas. Crisp with a touch of sweetness. 

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