Striving for Serendipity

Striving for Serendipity

The classic start to a blog post like this: 

Serendipity (noun): the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for. 

The most important part of this definition: "not sought for." Expecting the unexpected. Letting life lead. Embracing spontaneity. What could be more fun than that?

I used to be an obsessive planner. I suppose, to some degree, I still am. I'm addicted to my Passion Planner, I love to write things down, and I like to have a general idea of the day's events.  This is where you ask the ever-obvious question: how do I strive for serendipity?

  • Strikes of Luck

Obviously my biggest motivator for serendipity is Strikes of Luck. This online space where I live and love local and share and support others. I couldn't have imagined what kinds of opportunities would come my way when I built this blog on Squarespace a little over a year and a half ago. From the States to Scotland back to the States, I've created an intentional online hub for my adventures. 

  • Planning in Presence

Presence is the act of existing, right now, in the moment, wherever you are. The planning part might be a bit counterintuitive. To me, it means that if I know I'm going to a specific coffee shop to work for the afternoon, I'll be open to the people and ideas surrounding me. Even if I don't know where I'm going for the afternoon, I'll still walk into the situation with an open mind and an open heart. This is how I plan to be present.

  •  Expect to Unexpect

As the definition states, serendipity is the "not sought for."  How can you expect the unexpected, the not sought for, the glorious discovery? The realization that serendipity is out of my control is simultaneously freeing and terrifying. Why would I want to live my life without some sort of expectations? Don't abandon your plans, your curiosities, your goals. That's the way that you find the best kind of serendipity.

Thanks to Hannah Mckeel of  Mckeely Creative  for the lovely photo. 

Thanks to Hannah Mckeel of Mckeely Creative for the lovely photo. 

So here are Sarah's three tips to strive for serendipity: 

  1. Find your lucky strike of the day, every day. 
  2. Plan to be present and aware of your space. 
  3. Expect and embrace that the unexpected will happen. 

I can't wait to hear your stories of serendipity. Fill out my Google form, leave a comment below or on my Instagram to share yours! 

Lucky Strike of the Day: I finally tried the frosé at Happy + Hale! Worth the wait, especially when paired with the banana toast. Thanks to Katie for her genuine conversation. 

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